Essay Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' Cold Blood '

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When Truman Capote wrote In Cold Blood, he took the responsibility of writing a novel, while incorporating facts about the Clutter family murder. Because the killings were a sensitive matter to the people of Holcomb and the Clutters’ relatives during the time of his research, Capote had to find a way to respect the sentiments of the people affected by being as accurate as possible. However, the author adds in elements commonly used in a novel to dramatize the situation and add the element of mystery to it. The combination of fictional devices and journalism allows Capote to document the occasion, while adding his own characterization and personal touch on the situation. While the murders did take place in Kansas, and the detailed descriptions are based on real life, Capote utilizes aspects of a novel, such as imagery, symbolism, and irony other to showcase his creativity. Capote uses what he learned from the research that he conducted develop the characters efficiently in a manner that flows with the story. For example, the author captures murderer Dick Hickock’s feelings when the killer looks at himself in the mirror; “…his own face enthralled him. Each angle of it induced a different impression” (15). The vivid description doesn’t seem like something a man like Hickock would like to admit, nor is it likely that he would have remembered the specificity of such an event. The emotion is something that is obviously created by Capote, created from the impression that…

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