Essay on Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' Sula '

1212 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
Racism is an issue that has plagued the American community since the dawn of its time. America is centered around racism and it has been used to build the structure of America. Capitalism needs a sacrifice to function. The sacrifice being the working class, the closest to free labor other than slavery. The ones who work for the rich. America has created a system using racism to exploit African-Americans and other minorities to be that sacrifice. This has left black communities trapped in a cycle that is very difficult to escape from. Institutional racism traps blacks into ghettos with poor schools, lack of access to healthy food, poor housing and proper medical care. The novel “Sula”, written by Toni Morrison, illustrates these effects of racism on the black community. The racism initially implemented by the whites not only separates us from them but it also creates division within the black community, which stifles our progress. The first kind of division that appears in the novel happens when Helen, mother of Nel, gets into a confrontation with a white train conductor. “Her glanced moved beyond the white man 's face to the passengers seated behind him. Four or five black faces were watching, two belonging to soldiers… She saw their closed faces, their locked eyes and turned for compassion to the grey eyes of the conductor” (Morrison 21). Fellow blacks witnessed the scene and separated themselves from it. Racism separates the blacks from themselves and removes any…

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