Analysis Of Tom Robinson 's ' The Night ' Essay

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“It is gonna be a long day,” I wipe my sweat from my forehead, straightening my papers for questioning Heck Tate. I looked out at the crowd noticing all the white folks with hate in their eyes staring with shame at Tom Robinson. It was a very hot, summer day. I looked out observing woman waving fans in front of their faces, some carrying their young babies outside the courtroom. Every summer in Maycomb is scorching, but you slowly become comfortable when you work as a lawyer.

The session starts and I focus on the words that others were speaking. I gathered my thoughts and rose from my chair beside Tom Robinson. He is an honest man, though he looks rough to the white folks. There is still a possibility we will win this case. As I stand, I nod to Tom Robinson.

“Did you ever call a doctor, Sheriff? Through all this rushing and sorts, did anybody ever call a doctor?” I lifted an eyebrow and watched Tate lift his head.
“Surely if Mayella Ewell was in such serious condition, they would have called a doctor.” The injuries they have described sound rather serious, yet for some reason, I doubt that got Mr. Ewell’s attention.
“No sir.” Mr. Tate answers my question. My gaze goes back to Heck.
“Didn’t call a Doctor?” I hear mumbling behind me between the white folk. They are confused, obviously. I can help them understand, that is what I am here for.
“Why not?” I ask Heck. Judge Taylor looked up from his fingers. “Well, I can tell you why, Mr. Finch. It wasn’t necessary. She was…

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