Analysis Of Tom Robinson In To Kill A Mockingbird

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I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In this section of the book, the trial between Tom Robinson and Bob Ewell takes place. Throughout the chapters, evidence in the case was pointing towards Tom Robinson being innocent. It came about as evidence that Mayella made advances on Tom when she stated that he made advances on her. When Mr. Ewell saw the events transpire, he abused Mayella and pawned the charges on Tom Robinson making it look like rape. Even though the evidence was pointed in Toms favor, the jury decided that he was guilty, only because of the color of his skin. In this journal, I will be characterizing Tom Robinson and analyzing why the black people in the court stood up when he walked by.

In this journal, I will be
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The first adjective that I will use to characterize Tom Robinson is that he is respectable. During the trial, Tom states that he has been helping Mayella with chores regularly for no money. The fact that Tom helps her on a regular basis doing chores shows that he would do work for someone just for the benefit that he knows he helped out. Since Tom worked for Mayella for no pay, he respects that they do not have much money to spare. He does work for Mayella because he knows that she does not get much help from her family. Also, he states while on trial that he would never cross a property line without an invitation to do so. This shows that Tom abides by the rules, and is not one to push the boundaries of the law. The fact that Tom is not usually one to break the law shows us that he would most likely not have raped Mayella. Stating that Mayella invited him into the house, Tom said he never went past the Ewell’s fence if not asked to do so. This tells us that Tom respects the security of the Ewell’s property and would never invade their privacy. Lastly, Tom is a kind man that constantly has good manners and tries not to harm people. When Mayella jumps on Tom and kisses …show more content…
The first reason that I believe they stood up is Atticus has stood by their side since the start of the case. First, Atticus is the only person that was willing to take the case and defend Tom Robinson. Even though he knew that it was not a supported move by the community, he still took the case. That shows that he can look past the color barrier that most people had trouble getting through back then. It showed to the black community of Maycomb that he was willing to defend them when the rest of the community turns their backs. Also, throughout the book Atticus and his children received hate from the rest of the community but kept the case anyway. By keeping the case, it showed that Atticus was willing to put up with hate and shunning from the rest of the community just as blacks have been for years and years. Since he did not drop the case, he showed that he was serious about staying by the black communities side even if it meant receiving hate from the town’s people. Lastly, usually when a lawyer takes the job of defending a black person they would not care to make a case out of it, but Atticus did. The fact that Atticus took the time and effort to defend Tom Robinson showed that he was not in it because he had to, but instead because he wanted to stand by the sides of the black people. By showing that he was going to try and defend Tom, he earned the trust of the

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