Analysis Of Throught Vermeer 's Hat By Timothy Brooks Essays

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Throught Vermeer 's Hat, Timothy Brooks describes many of the ongoing relations between the West and the rest of the world, specifically Eastern Asia. Brooks sites how globalization is not as modern as it seems and that the idea of globalization is very historic. An important theme in Vermeer 's Hat is the way that global trade transformed cultures all around the globe. It had greatly affected the local values and customs across all societies. In this paper I will be arguing on how circulations of tobacco, silver and beaver pelts completely changed local cultures and societies. One example of major circulation of commodities that changed local cultures and society is beaver pelts and fur. According to Brooks the Huron tribe, located in North America, had in endless supply of beaver pelts which had been requested by the French. The French did not want the pelts for the “lustrous outer fur, as Natives did” Brook pg 42, but rather for the “underfur, which provided raw material for manufacturing felt.” Brook pg 42. “Beaver fur was uniquely barbed and therefore prone to bind well when stewed in a toxic stew of copper acetate and mercury-laced Arabic glue.” Brook pg 42. Beaver pelts were rare in Europe and at the time highly demanded, but as new sources of beaver pelts were discovered in Siberia and in Canada, beaver fur had became a huge fashion statement in local societies in Europe and people had become separated by those who could afford beaver fur and those who could…

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