Analysis Of Thomas King 's Green Grass Running Water Essay

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From the very first page of Thomas King’s Green Grass Running Water it is clear that his novel is focused on more than just one social issue. Though the most prominent one is that of the indigenous culture in Canada, there are many others hidden in plain sight throughout the book. The one, aside from culture, that seems the most prominent is gender. As he weaves in and out of different narratives, it seems obvious that King has something to say about gender; more specifically women. And yet, while he seems keen on bringing out the topic of gender it is almost as if he’s contradicting himself with his characterization. With such prominent characters in that of Alberta, Latisha, Babo, and Norma you would think that he would put some of what he was preaching about empowered women into the actual character development; and yet it seemingly slips his mind. While all of these women seem to be portrayed as strong, independent women who don’t see it necessary to live by the gender roles set out for them, it seems as though there is one thing missing form their story. What is missing is a plotline not based off of the men in their lives. In a book that focuses so much on the empowering nature of women going against gender roles and living life without a man, why does the reader not once see a woman whose story does not depend on a man to support it?

To properly understand where Thomas King may have gone wrong in writing these characters, it is important to first understand what…

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