Essay on Analysis Of Thomas J. Dilorenzo 's ' The Real Lincoln '

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In Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s book, The Real Lincoln, is about who the common American thinks Lincoln is, to who Lincoln really was. The Real Lincoln gives just that. “Anyone who embarks on a study of Abraham Lincoln…must first come to terms with the Lincoln myth. The effort to penetrate the crust of legend that surrounds Lincoln…is both a formidable and intimidating task. Lincoln, it seems, requires special considerations that are denied it other figures…”(Johannsen) page 1. The introduction in chapter one goes into more detail on how Abraham Lincoln is sought out to be some great political figure when many people think differently. Roy Basler, the editor of Lincoln’s Collected Works, wrote that Lincoln barely ever mentioned the issue of slavery before 1854. Baller says that, “even then, he did not seem sincere.” All of the authors in this book are very creditable, they have written other books before and most of them have study Lincoln and his works for many years. Slavery seems to be the biggest misconception to Abraham Lincoln. Many believe that he ended slavery and he was against it but in the introduction, that does not seem like the case. Each chapter is summarized and briefed on in the introduction. The real question seems to be, Who really was Lincoln?
The second chapter of The Real Lincoln focuses on Abraham Lincoln’s view to opposition to racial equality. Abraham Lincoln was a master politician, which means that he was a master at manipulation and a down right liar to…

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