Analysis Of ' Things Fall Apart ' Essay

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Suicide in the Igbo culture is considered Nso ani. In the book “Things Fall Apart,” Nso ani is described as a religious offense of a kind abhorred by everyone, literally earth’s taboo (2, A Glossary of Ibo Words and Phrases). The Igbo culture frowns upon the act of a man taking their own life and this act is considered taboo and evil. The clan finds that a person who commits this crime is considered shameful and does not receive a proper burial and is instead thrown into a bush (1). The clansmen will not even touch the body of the sinner to remove or bury it. The family is required to cleanse the area where the death took place and mourning for the loved one is forbidden. In the village men are to be strong, fearless, and masculine anything other is a disgrace and they are looked upon as feminine. In the book, “Things Fall Apart,” the main character, Okonkwo, was viewed as a fearless warrior and the epitome of how a man should behave in the tribe. He was an undefeated wrestler for seven years prior to the age of 18. Every challenged given to Okonkwo was completed with ease, including the murder of his beloved son. The Igbo clan looked at him with much respect for his strength and bravery. He was fearless and would kill without any regard. In the end of the book Okonkwo committed this heinous sin. He hung himself off of a tree branch while wearing his warrior gear. Okonkwo’s death embodies the trials of colonialization and the unwillingness to understand other cultures.


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