Analysis Of The Wall Street Journal Article ' Voters Could Push The Minimum Wage

874 Words Nov 9th, 2016 4 Pages
In the Wall Street Journal article “Voters Could Push the Minimum Wage to $12 or Higher in Four States” by Eric Morath, the author discusses how a ballot question seeking to raise the pay floor could affect the economy of certain U.S. states. There are two sides to this issue in which people see this raise in price floor as a positive for the economy and then the other end where it is viewed as a negative. Those for the wage increase believe income inequality will decrease and so will poverty amongst working families. Those against the wage increase believe the higher minimums will lead to job cuts and prices increasing. This possible increase will be decided on Election day.
The article specifically discusses how voting in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington could more than double the states expected to have a $12-an-hour minimum wage if the ballot is approved. These states already have minimum wage levels above the federal level. If the ballot passes, low-wage workers rate will increase even further above the federal level. Excluding the swing state of Colorado, these states are mainly controlled by Republicans who have been hesitant to raise the minimum wage. This ballot question would push the conservative areas of the U.S. to raise wages. These states each have individual plans to slowly hike up their minimum wage to the voted amount of $12, for example in Maine they will raise it from $7.50 to $9 in 2017 then continue to raise by $1 each year until…

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