Analysis Of The Text And What Is The Text About? Essay

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1. What is the title of the text and what is the text about?

Miss Young has become accustomed to patients professing their love in the form of proposals and she routinely responds with professional indifference. Her prior mechanical responses to these marriage proposals falters when 21 year old Geoffrey asks for the nurses hand in marriage. Man May Love (Sharp,1916) tells in short the story of Nurse Young and patient Geoffrey as he attempts to woo the nurse to give him her hand in marriage. Used to this declarations of love by men she has restored to health, Miss Young does not seem to give the young man 's words any thought. But as the story progresses the reader witnesses the cracks form in Miss Young 's demeanor, her indifference gives way to a lingering hope for the sincerity in Geoffrey 's words and the hope for the authentic longevity of his feelings. Though he is able to maintain his devotion for a short period after leaving the hospital, Geoffrey 's amorous words wither away into silence. Eventually he reaches out to Nurse Young once more only to invite her to his wedding to another.

2. What is the author’s view? How do I know?

In my opinion Sharp (1916) views young love as every changing. He implies that it is something you just seize in that moment because it may not be there later. He portrays Geoffrey 's feelings as initially intense but overall impermanent, and simultaneously shows Miss Young as longing, cautiously hopeful, and historically…

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