Essay on Analysis Of ' The Tale Of The Shepherd '

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It is in mankind 's very nature to seek power, to seek authority. The concept of a power struggle is what drives many to go above and beyond expectations, sometimes injuring others in the process, all to further one 's own agenda. For one man, a shepherd named Gyges, power unexpectedly presented itself, and Gyges was faced with an internal crisis: succumb to temptation, use the power, and risk corruption, or turn down the amazing power and sink into an unremarkable life of constant struggling. Were I in Gyges ' position, my initial reaction would be to use the power presented, but soon enough I know I would choose the lesser of two evils: a life of constant struggle, working like everyone else to achieve true happiness. It is my belief that no matter the intentions, be it justice or injustice, power leads to corruption, and it is next to impossible to remain unadulterated by the allure of power because it is our very nature as humans further our own self-interest. In the tale of the shepherd Gyges, power was presented in the form of a ring. This ring allowed Gyges to become invisible, but more than that, the ring made those around Gyge 's forget he was ever in their presence. This power of deception made it possible for Gyge 's to go unseen and do anything he desired, any time and any place. Gyge 's decided to use the power of the ring to achieve his goals and live what to him was believed to be a good life. In his case, this 'good life ' required the seduction of the…

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