Essay Analysis Of The Story Of Sinuhe, An Ancient Egyptian Poem

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Uniquely, the story of Sinuhe is an ancient Egyptian poem, a narrative, possibly written circa 1875 BC during the twelfth dynasty, found on a tomb. The Egyptian story has many religious passages throughout. The poem over the course of a couple thousand years being scribed, copied and passed down from generation to generation. Furthermore, being used as a study from ancient times to the present, thus, making The Tale of Sinuhe one of the most read and admired Egyptian poems ever written. Understanding the story of Sinuhe is a favorite of the Egyptians: it survived into modern culture. The Sinuhe story is like a few of the stories given in the Bible: The story of Joseph, with the exception of his brothers who tried to kill him but, decided to sell him as a slave. As Sinuhe flees by himself, afraid for his life and becomes a prominent person in a foreign land near Canaan. Similarly, Joseph against all odds climbed the ladder of success a few times to become second in command in Egypt. The time line of Josephs birth 1745 BC and his death 1635 BC. However, the stories of the Bible differ from the Sinuhe greatly.
As seen, Sinuhe was a royal courtier, an assistant to King Amenemhat I. King Amenemhat reigned from 1991 BC to 1962 BC which is the beginning of the middle kingdom. During this time, Sinuhe journeyed on an expedition with the king’s son, Sunusret I. After collecting booty from the Libyan land Sunusret I and Sinuhe journeyed home. At that time, Sinuhe overheard the…

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