Essay on Analysis Of The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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Kate Chopin was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1850. She began writing fiction in 1889. Chopin’s writing was about life and people in Louisiana. She focused her writing on love, sex, marriage, women, and independence. “The Story of an Hour” was published in 1894 and is one of Chopin’s most famous stories. Irony is defined as the use of words to convey a meaning that is opposite of its literal meaning. There are three different types of irony; situational, dramatic and verbal. All three cases of irony appear in the story.
There are three different senses of irony when Louise is relieved that her husband is dead, which is something that the reader was not expecting and she dies of joy after becoming free. These literary devices are used by Chopin to reinforce the theme of the story that life is short and we need to live it for ourselves. Irony appears from the beginning, as all of Mrs. Mallard’s friends are under the impression that she is deeply in love with her husband. This assumption that she is sorrowful about the death is the exact opposite feeling which is happening. Irony is used to describe the unhappy marriages during the time period and that the joys of freedom were something to keep quiet about.
Situation irony is when what is expected is different from the reader’s expectation and fulfillment. The use of this type of irony is very noticeable in Chopin’s story. No context clue was given when the question of Mr. Mallard’s death arose. When Mrs. Mallard heard any…

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