Analysis Of The Story ' If Bill Hutchinson ' Essay

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Most of the time in movies that include books usually, the fans fall in love and want to see or read what they think should’ve happened. This is one of those situations. If the story was told from a different point of view, such as from Tessie’s point of view the story would still begin and end with the same meaning, but probably grasp more empathy for Tessie since her own feelings and emotions will be brought to our attention. Although Tessie the main character of the story and the one who had to sacrifice her life, in order for a story to be made and show the weakness of public mortality, the story can still be great and possibly even greater if told by her nonchalant husband who barely did anything to stick up for the mother of his kids. The audience would be eager to hear how Bill Hutchinson felt if he narrated the story!
If Bill Hutchinson was the narrator, the story can start off with some foreshadowing explaining how the town felt about the death which could’ve have had some mothers who showed their respect to Bill Hutchinson offering to clean dishes or cook for Mr. Hutchinson and his son Billy, and others such as men who felt bad for the poor fellow and gave condolences. This can be predicted, because not everyone agrees with the lottery and can speak on it quietly. Others though who can’t use freedom of speech, which wasn’t created at a time but still wouldn’t even be tapped to question whether killing an innocent mother and wife to Bill Hutchinson; this could…

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