Analysis Of The Special Event ' Question Bridge : Black Males

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The overall rhetorical situation discussed in the special event "Question Bridge: Black Males" was the problems associated in the young black male communities and how certain scenarios are not that different, racial wise. This does sound broad, but it does fit the topic appropriately since the volunteers associated with the documentary touched on a lot of topics pertaining to young black male communities like finding that special someone, discussing how drugs and smoking is viewed as, generations begin to differ in appeals, etc. One of the questions brought up in the documentary was "In this era, in this society, do you consider yourself to be free as a human being?" A very interesting question since there will be many appeals towards it; however, a majority of the volunteers did reply with a "no" or an equilibrium answer. What I mean by equilibrium is the same as an unsure, it just depends on the circumstances and sudden changes that will give you the appropriate answer. Like for one volunteer, a middle-aged black male remarked society nowadays and how certain people depict African Americans so he gently discussed the situation will determine a varying answer. For the people who boldly stated "no", they give examples for when strolling at a mall or at a park, the individuals might look at them with an obnoxious face gesture, the type that will make anybody feel uncomfortable when being looked at. The way people treat others, whether it is glaring at people or discussing a…

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