Essay on Analysis Of The Short Story ' Gregory '

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In wars, many humans often lose their humanity because of the fact that they lost someone close to them. People in time of desperations listen to their emotions more than reasoning which can cause them to do an action that goes against their own morals. Most People would go against their own beliefs and loyalties because they’re afraid to die. After the war, many people face challenges that affect their life substantially. War dehumanizes many people with traumas, from killing others to save themselves, and from the feelings that leave people with ultimate despair.
In the short story, “Gregory” Panos Ioannides introduce the narrator as someone who felt dehumanized because of his action toward his friend. The narrator was a soldier who guard a prisoner, befriended the prisoner name Gregory, and killed five people. After the fifth time the narrator joked around about it and said “This little guy, with the big pop-eyes, won’t be much of a ghost!” which shows how he was getting used to killing people but when Gregory showed up he felt hesitant(424). Gregory befriended the narrator and the soldiers, by cooking for them, sewing for them, and saved the narrator’s life by getting a scorpion off of him. Following his duty, the narrator and his men were forced to kill Gregory if not they will “drag you to court-martial and then bang-bang..” which shows how soldiers must carry out their duties in order to survive(426). During the day before the execution all the soldiers were inside…

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