Essay on Analysis Of The Short Story Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

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Jamaica Kincaid, the author of the short story “Girl,” was raised on the island of Antigua. During the time in which she was raised, Antigua was influenced by the British government. Because of the British control, Kincaid was raised in a culture immersed in the ideals of oppression and slavery. Being an African American woman in Antigua during the rule of the British government influenced how she wrote later in life. She eventually moved to America and landed a job as a writer for The New Yorker. Shortly after being hired, Kincaid published her first piece, “Girl,” in which a girl is given advice about how to act, dress, and work to ensure the girl is not viewed as a poor mother and husband. The topics addressed in this short story reflect the conditions that Kincaid was raised in during oppression on the island of Antigua (Kincaid 300). Texts can be changed drastically by the amount of historical and cultural background the reader has on the topic addressed in the text. I read this short story many times and my understanding of the meaning behind the text changed after I gained some knowledge on both the time period of the text and on the topic of women’s roles in society.
Initially when reading this story without looking into the background on the topic of women’s roles in the nineteenth century or the setting of this story in a time in which both African Americans and women were oppressed the message of this story can be hard to interpret. This short story is very…

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