Analysis Of The Short Stories ' Soldier 's Home ' And ' A Perfect Day For Bananafish '

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Wars are often glamorized and glorified by governments and state officials, when in reality wars are psychologically destructive and life changing events. These tactics that were used to reel in naïve men, failed to expose them with the realities of what was to become of them after the war. The short stories “Soldier’s Home” and “A Perfect Day for Bananafish,” offer an insight to how life really is after war veterans return back home. These stories not only realistically depict how detrimental wars can be to the lives of these people who serve their country, but they describe how life changing it can be for the people who surround these wounded war veterans. Throughout “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” there’s a sense of tension and miscommunication amongst all the characters. Not only is there tension and miscommunication, but there’s a lot of fear that’s caused by Seymour, the protagonist. Seymour, the war veteran, struggles to assimilate to a new lifestyle throughout the whole story, as a result of the psychological trauma caused by the war. This trauma takes a toll on the life Seymour as he isolates himself and only confides in one person. Although Seymour’s story is simply fiction, the story is a great example of how governments never entirely explain the result of wars. Men like Seymour are drawn to fight in these battles with patriotic and promising words, but are never told that physically surviving the war is the least of it. The emotional trauma and psychological…

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