Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Letter ' Essay

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Choosing a location for a scene to occur in a novel three times more than signifies importance. In each scaffold scene in The Scarlet Letter the major characters gather together, and since the occurrences have ample time in between them, they display character growth and development. For example, changing scaffold scenes illustrate Dimmsdale 's changing health conditions and reformed mindset with reference to his sin. Similarly, the sinful nature that overtakes Chillingworth and manifests itself through his appearance is demonstrated by differences in the scaffold scenes. Additionally, through public opinion in each of the scenes involving the scaffold, the decreasing importance of the scarlet letter is displayed. Therefore, through the use of a scaffold in the center of town three times over the course of ¬The Scarlet Letter¬, Hawthorne symbolizes the spiritual growth of Dimmsdale, Chillingworth 's descent into sin, and the diminishing influence of the scarlet letter. First, the three scaffold scenes display the growth of one 's spirituality through Dimmsdale. During the first scene, the minister decides not to join Hester and Pearl as they are ridiculed publicly and takes solace in knowing the "wondrous strength and generosity of a woman 's heart" (50). He is at rock bottom in terms of spirituality as he is willing to let others take the blame for his actions. In order to fully discover his own spirituality, Dimmsdale must confess his sin to be cleansed of it. By holding…

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