Analysis Of The Reading ' Reproduction ' From Killing The Black Body ' By Dorothy Roberts

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Marlene Choi
September 25, 2016
SOC 222: The Family
Instructor: Naomi Gerstel
TA: Yolanda Wiggins 9:05am-9:55am In the reading “Reproduction in Bondage,” from Killing the Black Body, by Dorothy Roberts, the author discusses the conditions black females had to endure during 1800s. During the 19th century, white men dominated the majority of Africans in slavery. Most importantly, black procreation helped sustain slavery and gave slave masters an economic motivation to govern black women’s reproductive lives. It was cruel and horrific the actions slave masters forced black women to do. Roberts mainly focused on the importance of black female slaves during the 19th century and described how many were treated as an object with no self-independence. They were stripped away from their family, forced to mate with other men, and whipped violently if they did not follow orders. The entire reading, Dorothy talks about how female slaves were very essential to slave masters. It was not because they were motherly, pretty, or nice, but it was the benefit of their labor. “Female slaves were commercially valuable to their masters not only for labor, but also for their ability to produce more slaves” (24) There were two plans that were the primarily the goal of master’s economic stake of his labor. First was the dehumanization of Africans on the basis of race and second, the master’s control of women’s sexuality and reproduction. This idea or goal is sickening to many people today…

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