Analysis Of The Poem ' Traveling Through The Dark ' And Snodgrass 's ' Driving Late At Night '

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Stafford’s “Traveling through the Dark” and Snodgrass 's "Driving Late at Night" are the same poem written by two different people but have a whole different felt to one another. Stafford’s poem gives a dark, eerie feeling while Snodgrass’s has the same effect but it doesn’t feel as dark and eerie due to the lack of detail throughout. To summarize Stafford’s whole poem would be a man is driving alongside a mountain on night when he comes across a dead dear. Therefore he decides to push the deer off the side of the road to prevent any accidents. Unfortunately, as he does so they discover that the dear was pregnant while the fawn inside is still alive. The driver thinks about what to do with this animal; save the fawns life or just kill it completely by pushing it off the cliff. He decides to push it off. “Traveling through the Dark” presents a theme of choice both in general and specific ways: Stafford asks us, the readers, to consider our choices on the road of life, as well as those tough choices the speaker had to make on Wilson River road. On the other side, Snodgrass’s poem isn’t even close to Stafford’s poem. Stafford’s poem is better than Snodgrass’s poem in detail, mood and imagery when comparing the original poem to the de-composed verse of the poem.
The detail difference between the two poems is astronomical. In Stafford’s poem, there is some form of description on every line throughout the whole poem compared to Snodgrass’s poem, which there is a lack of detail…

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