Analysis of the Poem, “Three Years She Grew” By William Wordsworth

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Analysis of the Poem, “Three Years She Grew” By William Wordsworth

When you think about life, you ponder how life is the most beautiful, and unexplainable thing. Life begins when two people come together, and create a baby. Children start off by being very dependent on their parents, but as life progresses, independence grows. Along the way, life teaches important lessons that we carry on throughout our lives, and then we pass them down to our own children. The circle of life is complex, and requires interaction with many different people and various environments. The most common argument is whether nature or nurture is responsible for the development of people. Perhaps they both play a role, but William Wordsworth believes that in
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Also, children tend to trust their mothers the most because they always want the best for their child. These motherly attributes allow Lucy to be open with nature and to speak her mind. Although Lucy’s education takes up a grand part of her life, she has not lost her playfulness. The energy that she possesses can be compared to a young fawn by the way she joyfully jumps across the lawn. Wherever she is, everyone notices how content and free Lucy is.
Nothing seems to faze Lucy, as she has learned that nature heals itself. Like life, the earth goes through hardships, and the only way to overcome them is to gradually mend the wounds. The clouds floating around in the light blue sky portrays a pleasant picture, but sometimes the pleasantness disappears as dark overcomes the sky. Storms can be dangerous from the cold rain that falls harshly to the ground, flashes of electricity that dance across the sky and the loud shocks of noise. Most people are terrified of storms, but not Lucy. Somehow she finds beauty and grace in the way nature expresses its anger. The rain that falls from the sky refreshes the earth, and moisturizes all living things. This is nature’s way of stimulating growth. As the wind bends the willows, Lucy watches how the branches move gracefully with the wind. Soon the storm ends, and silence and calm reappear. Lucy finds peace in the calm, as the storm causes chaos with the angry and violent emotions. Lucy is in

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