Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Three Strongest Words

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Three Strongest Words

I really enjoyed the poem, Three Strongest Words. I liked this poem because though the poem was very short, it also was very deep and left me thinking about each word the author described. For instance, when the author wrote about the word silence, saying as soon as you say the word you destroy it I had to stop, and think what she meant. This poem also made me very confused because of the way the author presented the poem. For example, when she described someone speaking the word future, she said the first syllable is in the past. This has a deep meaning and left me bewildered for a few moments. In conclusion, this was an excellent poem, though also quite perplexing.


This poem deals with the issue of racial discrimination and this is an important issue because it negatively affects people 's lives. For example, the author described a situation where people were disallowed to play in games because of the colour of their skin. At first thought this may not seem like a big deal, but it can also happen on a larger scale such as not receiving a job, or being falsely accused of a crime just because of your skin colour. Though this poem deals with such a significant issue I did not enjoy reading it. For example, I did not like that the poem did not rhyme other than the last, and third last line of stanza one and two which in my opinion makes the poem better, especially in a free verse poem like this. To conclude, the idea of the poem was excellent,…

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