Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' The Worlds Wife ' By Carol Ann Duffy

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The poem Penelope belongs of the poem collection ‘The Worlds Wife’ by the Scottish poet Carol Ann Duffy. The collection was first published in 1999. Penelope draws on the story of Odysseus, the mythological hero, who leaves his home Ithaca to go to war in Troy. Meanwhile his wife Penelope remains at home. Duffy uses these mythological characters for a poem, that is rich of different text worlds. Especially the different worlds that are portrayed within the poem itself are strongly connected to each other: Penelope’s embroidery represents her life and her personal development. Furthermore, Duffy plays with the expectation of the reader by using an already known mythological character to create a new and different version of this character. Analyzing the poem Penelope from a text world theory perspective, it must at first be distinguished between the discourse world and the text world. While the discourse world is participant accessible and, like Stockwell correctly states, ‘prototypically involving face-to-face participants’ (Stockwell 2002: 136), the text world, in contrast, is only accessible for the enactors and not for the reader. The time of the discourse world is the present and its enactors are the author Carol Ann Duffy and the reader The text world is set in a mythological world and contains world building elements, which ‘constitute the background against which the foreground…

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