Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Water Gave Me '

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Born to a photographer and a housewife, Kahlo grew up in the small, Mexican city of Coyoacán. With no original aspiration to become an artist, a series of unfortunate events would shape and mold her into becoming one of the best surrealists of her time, and arguably ever. What the Water Gave Me (see Appendix A), also known as What I Saw in the Water is one of the most renowned pieces by artist, Frida Kahlo for it’s usage of symbolism which gives the viewer insight into much of Frida’s personal life including: her family,political views, and sexual orientation. Frida paints both her mother and father in the painting, in a manner which resembles another work entitled, My Grandparents, My Parents, and I(see Appendix B), a piece about the dynamics and structure of her family. The history of Kahlo’s birth date and family lineage is one cloaked in mystery and skepticism.Kahlo claimed Hungarian history, but it has been revealed that her father actually came from a long line of German Lutherans. Frida came from a large family, and was one of four children born to Matilde Calderón y González and Guillermo Kahlo. Frida’s father was born in Germany under the name of Carl Wilhelm Kahlo. Art ran in the family, and Wilhelm’s parents were also artists. When he was just nineteen years old, Wilhelm sailed to Mexico and changed his name from Wilhelm to Guillermo. Frida never forgot her German heritage and during the rise of Hitler and extreme anti semitism in Europe, especially in…

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