Analysis Of The Poem ' The Souls Of Black Folk ' Essay

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It is often said that the words an author uses are no mistake. Each word carries weight and is employed for a specific reason. What is so interesting about words is that one word can mean a number of things. Even more interesting is how a word can be so seemingly small and insignificant, yet it holds more meaning than a paragraph. There is no doubt that W.E.B. Du Bois understood the power behind every single one of his words as he wrote The Souls of Black Folk. The words “one,” and the combination of “they” and “you” all appear to be nothing more than just three simple words; however, when looking at their context, we find more meaning. Just by focusing our reading on just three words we gain a much deeper insight on how Dubois wished his society, and those that followed, to understand the relations between established white society and the newly freed black society. The words “one” is used by Du Bois to refer to the uninformed white reader, yet he intentionally makes their indication unclear. We must first analyze what Du Bois intends when he writes “one.” The chapter where “one” appears focuses on the contact between white and black people. He writes: “now if one notices carefully one will see that between [black and white society] …there is almost no community of intellectual life or point of transference where the thoughts and feelings of one race can come into direct contact and sympathy with the thoughts and feelings of the other” (110). Perhaps the most crucial part…

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