Analysis Of The Poem ' The Snowy Night '

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breath split the icy night air. Footsteps “crunching” on the coarse gravel under her steady feet. One after the other, like clockwork pushing her onwards to her intended destination. The ocean -- the light of her life -- her whole world. She didn’t belong on the land, every step sent knives shooting up her legs.
She had thought it was all worth it then, now she knew it was hopeless.
She only wanted the world above because it was something different, something new and interesting. The grass is always greener on the other side so they say, well they were right.
How she longed for the life she had once lived, for her sisters and father. Her footsteps faltered, her breath drawing in as she realised, she would never see them again. She could never go back. A choked sob drew from her throat. Her crystal blue eyes stinging with salty tears, a new sensation to her. She would never again hear her father 's booming laugh, stirring the water around them.
Never see the sweet smiles and eyes of her sisters. They were lost to her now and she to them.
A panicked shout drew her away from her thoughts. Bare feet balanced on the edge of the long wharf, the harsh water gleaming below. She ignored it. Instead focusing on the memory of her sister’s voices. Somewhere within them the almost forgotten voice of her mother. If she could not be with them, what was the use. She was doomed if she stayed, doomed if she returned. No one choice grimmer than the other. As if sensing her

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