Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Raven ' By Edgar Allan Poe

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Poetry! Poetry is a form a literature that can be interpreted in numerous ways. One of the most recognizable and renowned names in poetry is Edgar Allan Poe. From “Annabel Lee” to “The City in the Sea”, Poe has written a countless amount of poems throughout his lifetime. However, his most famous poem is “The Raven”. The Raven is a poem that is open to several interpretations. After reading an analysis written by christyprib, I now have a better understanding of the poem and the different elements that were incorporated into this poem. The author of this analysis has managed to analyze the literary elements, the genre, the conflict, etc. The author of this analysis makes various valid points. In the analysis, it states, “Throughout this poem, Edgar intricately uses imagery, suspense, and his own personal internal conflict to explain the inexplicable; within each and every person is a sentence - and if it is spoken - it has the power to obliterate their lives. The man in the poem was much like his author; doleful, eerie, and maybe even a little bit mad. This specific piece of his conveys and explains Poe 's anguish into something that compels and haunts his audience because of it 's captivating horror.” This shows how Poe managed to incorporate several poetic devices in this poem and he also managed to captivate the reader’s attention. The author of this analysis used credible and reliable evidence in order to create a stronger argument. One of the literary devices that the…

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