Analysis Of The Poem ' The Meaning Of Human Existence ' By Edward O. Wilson

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Biologist, naturalist, and author, Edward O. Wilson, uses his book, The Meaning of Human Existence, to analyze the sciences and humanities of our world in an effort to define the true meaning of human existence. Although the writing can come off as difficult or complicated in Wilson’s book, his organization, detail, and tone on many of the topics he writes about are strong and make for a worthwhile read. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the sciences and humanities, or someone looking for a challenging read into the deeper meanings of human life. In spite of all this, I would not recommend this book to anyone who affiliated themselves strongly with religion. While I don’t consider myself religious or atheist, as I read, I could see how Wilson’s strongly voiced opinions would offend many.
Wilson organizes his book in a way that was new to me. In the first chapter he proposed a journey where he would be the guide and I, the reader, would be as a tourist; looking into a foreign concept, taking in all there is to see and experience in the short time I remained on this foreign abstraction. Wilson has a strong sense of how to format his writing as if it were a conversation. More often than not I found Wilson 's writing to act as if he were speaking directly to me, guiding me and only me through this journey of “Where are we going?” and “Why?”. I find that this type of organization is extremely wise. This idea that we are on a journey connects…

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