Analysis Of The Poem ' The Glory Of The Lord Himself ' Essay

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This line of the poem warns against allowing sin into your life because it is harmful and possibly deadly to the soul. The Lord grants forgiveness for those sins committed by people but only if one has accepted Jesus as its savior. No being of Earth is separate from God except for those who choose to live their life in sin and reject walking in the glory of the Lord himself. Phillis Wheatley’s poems based on various topics have been read and praised by of highly praised thinkers like Benjamin Franklin and Voltaire. She could be considered brave since she was an African American who spoke her mind when other people of her kind were considered property instead of an individual human being. In her poem “To The University of Cambridge, In New England” she addresses the student body proclaiming their obligation to obtain as much knowledge as possible since it is a privilege for them to be receiving this education. Not only did she write about the privilege of obtaining a higher education but also of every person’s equal right to the redemption given by Jesus Christ. Wheatley believed that every person no matter the color of skin was equal under God. She believed that any person no matter race is granted salvation once they commit themselves to the cross. She demonstrated that all is owed to God for He gave His only son to dies for all people’s sins on the cross. God used Wheatley as a vessel to communicate that all people are equal in the eyes of the Lord no matter the color of…

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