Analysis Of The Poem ' The Garden ' Essay

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Marius entered the garden to find Cosette. Her eyes were red and her face wet with tears as she breathed roughly and yet, Marius found her as beautiful as the day he had first seen her. All at once, he saw the delicate innocence she possessed within her and still, he wished to burn those who had made those tears amount on her face.

“What is the matter?” He asked, going forth as if to touch her, but waited for her consent.

“This. My father told me this morning to hold myself in readiness, because he has business, and we may go away from here.” Cosette looked to Marius, who was shaking slightly as he stared deep into her eyes. He placed his hands on her shoulder and then on her cheeks and then touched her hair. He wiped at her cheek and she smiled pitifully at him. After a long period of silence, Cosette sighed.

“What is the matter?” She repeated his words. He asked her to repeat herself and she did so, explaining that she was to leave within the week to England. Marius exclaimed his horror as he stood, pacing back and forth momentarily as he thought this over. Cosette thought it over as well. Marius had no say in the matter without having asked her hand in marriage. Cosette had no say under the support of her kind father.

“And will you leave, ma’am?”

“Beg pardon?” Cosette stopped herself from flinching away from his formal speech. Such speech had long disappeared in their conversation.

“Will you leave, mademoiselle?” Marius repeated, further distancing himself from the…

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