Analysis Of The Poem ' The Garden Party ' Essay

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The Journey to Shame In her short story, The Garden Party (1922), Katherine Mansfield demonstrates a lively description of the higher class’ attitude and viewpoint of the lower class. Mansfield captures the great gap between the two classes through the third person narration. She is incredible in using a child’s perspective, an innocent and pure standpoint, to elicit the absurd characteristics of the adults regarding the vast class difference. Wealth and luxury is remarkably mentioned to demonstrate the great advantage to the higher class. Through the richness sprouts apathy towards the lower hierarchy. Disregard and insensitivity leads the higher class to act as a bystander to the struggles of the lower class. This delinquent act results in terrible and unbearable shame. Therefore, Mansfield clearly and accurately portrays the higher class’ route to shame. Wealth and luxury determines where an individual is on the social scale. The Sheridans’ wealth is seen in the children’s clothing, children’s rearing, and the house’s design. Through all the wealth the children are granted the finest clothing such as a “silk petticoat and a kimono jacket” (Black 432). Silk is a very luxurious product only owned by wealthy individuals (Hall 485). Moreover, the children are born into a high hierarchy leading to a very special way of discipline. Laura, one of the main characters, questions “whether it [is] quite respectful of a workman to talk to her of bang slap in the eye” (Black 432).…

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