Analysis Of The Poem ' The From The Snow ' And ' Burning The Hornet 's Nest '

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“Left to Imagination”
Introduction {get attention}
In their poems “Junk Car in the Snow” and “Burning the Hornet’s Nest” both poets Ron Rash and Robert Morgan describe to readers what it was like to be raised in the southern Appalachian Mountains as a child throughout seasons of life. Both poets Rash and Morgan were natives to the land of southwest North Carolina and created poems that would allow readers to interpret what life was like for these two growing up in the Appalachian Mountains. The authors write in narratives that are delightful to the senses and use imagery to assist readers in the interpretation of the poems.
Thesis Point 1 & Evidence
“Junk Car in Snow” is a narrative poem written by Ron Rash. Rash choose to write in the setting of a day in the winter months (“yet when snow came, magical, / an Appalachian igloo”) (Lines 7-8) Rash creates an image of a winter wonderland out of an old abandoned car left to deteriorate into the earth. Rash gives readers the image of being inside the abandoned car where it was quiet and still without all the lively activity that the spring and summer months hold. Animals that were once close by were now deep into hibernation. (“and how quiet it was – the creek / muffled by ice, gray squirrels curled in leaf beds, the crows mute”) (13-15) Where if the reader was to regress into childhood there were no extra sounds to disrupt imagination. (“No shade tree surgery could / revive its engine, so rolled / into the pasture, left…

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