Analysis Of The Poem ' Sir Gawain And The Green Knight ' Essays

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The characteristics of heroes vary culturally and the characteristics that they hold are highly influenced by the culture that they come from. In the poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", the hero Gawain represents the Celtic culture and the views that the ancient Celts held for heros. The characteristics that Gawain holds are humble, focused, brave, loyal, virtuous and religious. Within the poem, the trials that he undergoes and the events in the journey that are faced are influenced immensely by the characteristics that he holds, some Celtic culture symbolism, as well as the steps of the hero 's journey. Before addressing the hero 's journey, Celtic symbolism in the poem will be addressed. One of the main characters in the poem is the green knight. In the Celtic culture, a vegetation god otherwise known as the Green Man. The Green Man is known to represent the themes of death and resurrection as well as life and creativity. Death and resurrection in relation to the green knight can be seen in the seen when he was beheaded by Sir Gawain yet he was able to still live. In this scene he was able to pick his head up and continue to live despite being decapitated. The green knight can relate to this image of the green man by his color and representing the idea of death and resurrection. Other symbols of Celtic mythology in the poem relate to the animals that were hunted by Bertilak duirng the three day trial placed on Gawain. The first animal that was hunted was a deer. The…

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