Analysis Of The Poem ' Rosanne Mary Hepsie ' Essay

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“Rosanne Mary Hepsie. That’s my name.” I say.
“I’m Eric! Nice to meet you Rosanne!” Eric yells in my ear.
We’re on the playground. I’m in second grade. My hair is at my chin, curly and brown.
“Nice to meet you too! Wanna be best friends?” I ask him.
“Yeah, best friends forever Ros!” He was the first person to call me “Ros”, then everyone started calling me “Ros.”

I open my eyes and Mickey is asleep, laying on my hospital bed next to me, he has his chest turned towards me so that we can both fit on it. He has his arms wrapped around me and his head against my head. This time I can actually move. I can actually move! I turn myself towards Mickey and bury my head into his chest and I start to laugh. Mickey slowly wakes up. Then he realizes im leaning against him and laughing.
“Rose!?” He yells in my ear.
“Ow.” I say. “That was loud, I just woke up you know.”
“Oh my God, Rose.” He sits up quickly. “They didn 't expect you to wake up, they expected you to die in this bed. I was so scared Rose, I was so so scared. I’ve lost everyone in my life, you are the last thing I have. I need you.”
“Woah, Romeo. Slow down.” I say putting my hand against his chest.
“If I’m Romeo you must be Juliet.” He says.
“More like you’re cheesey.” I say and start to laugh.
“Oh, I love your laugh Rose.” He says.
“Okay, you’re being crazy, how long have I been out?” I ask.
“You’ve been out for three months. Three long blasted months.” He says.
“Woah, really?” I ask.
“Yeah, really, I wouldn 't lie to you…

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