Analysis Of The Poem ' Rolling Thunder ' Essay

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Meta: Taking players to the heart of the battle, the latest game from Merkur is heavy handed to say the very least. War focused; will you be able to survive the Cannon Thunder of this new title?

Cannon Thunder Review

Cannon Thunder is one of the latest games from industry giant Merkur. It’s a game with a whole lot of bang, as cannonballs can literally fly across the reels in this altogether thrilling online slots game. Things are never very peaceful during war and Cannon Thunder is a game without much in the way of peace, which makes this release something to take note of.

Rolling thunder

The theme and design is what you’d expect it to be really. Cannon Thunder is so richly designed that it offers you far more than just five reels and some basic paylines. The game has a real classic feel to it. The background especially is a real highlight. Merkur went all out to throw players back in time and make them feel like they were really in the throes of war in Cannon Thunder, as the game proves to be a visual powerhouse. It should be noted that the game’s audio elements also prove to be just as all encompassing.

Locked and loaded

The game features some great special functions that make the game more exciting, as well as bringing more moneymaking potential to players in the process. You have five reels to play with and you can bet on up to 20 paylines. How much you bet is mostly dependent on how many paylines you choose to activate. You can make a bet between the minimum of…

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