Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' Remember ' By Christina Rossetti

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In the poem ‘Remember’ by Christina Rossetti, the speaker feels that as their death is inevitable, they must focus on the loved one that they are leaving behind and ensure that they will not waste their lives grieving. Likewise, in the poem ‘Song’, the speaker feels similarly to that of ‘Remember’, as they try to ensure that their loved on will not be afraid or distraught once they have died. Rossetti expresses these feelings in both poems by her use of language features such as sibilance, as well as structural devices such as regular iambic rhythm.
Rossetti presents the idea of the speaker’s focusing on their loved ones in both ‘Remember’ and ‘Song’. In ‘Song’, the speaker focuses on their loved one and convinces them not to grieve once they are dead. The speaker tells their loved one to ‘plant thou no roses at my head, / Nor shady cypress tree.’ The use of the phrases ‘plant thou no roses’ is effective as a ‘rose’ has connotations of romance and love, therefore the fact that the speaker tells them to ‘plant thou no roses’ emphasises how they do not want their loved one to romanticise their death. As well as this, the phrase ‘nor shady cypress tree’ is relevant as a ‘cypress tree’ is a symbol of mourning, suggesting that the speaker does not want their loved one to grieve and mourn them after their death. The readers understand from this use of imagery that the speaker has accepted their impending death, and is more focused on ensuring that their loved one will survive…

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