Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Pride And Heroism '

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From the conception of storytelling, heroes have played instrumental roles in the convection of the story’s morals and message. But what defines a true ‘hero’? In the renowned work Beowulf, the themes of pride and heroism are explored through the style of an Anglo-Saxon epic poem and clarify the classic definition of a hero and their journeys. Throughout the lengthy poem, the narrator expounds upon the heroic nature and actions of the warrior, Beowulf, and pays homage to the values and cultural significant to the culture of medieval Scandinavia. The narrator, whose position in the poem is “God-like”, speculative, and anonymous, sporadically utilizes the first-person pronoun “I” which lends a sense of casualness and creates a stark contrast with the rest of the text, which is written in the third person. While this method takes away from the immersive nature of the poem, it successfully serves as an emphasizer for certain passages. Upon describing the burial ship of King Shield, the narrator notes, “I never heard before of a ship so well furbished…” (5), thereby establishing the sheer impressiveness of the ship in the mind of the reader through a more personal connection. Additionally, the descriptive imagery dispersed throughout the poem, along with the casual allusion to cultural norms by the characters, serve to provide a background and accentuate the cultural importance, as well as ambiguity, of each of the events and actions. Beowulf’s interactions with characters such…

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