Analysis Of The Poem ' O Captain ! My Captain ' By Walt Whitman

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“O Captain! My Captain!” written by Walt Whitman is a brief poem about the murder of the sixteenth president of the United State, Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Whitman witnessed one of his idols win one of the most significant wars in history that caused many casualties and fatalities; The Civil War. Such an event caused for celebration despite the amount of blood shed, however, a few days after the war ended the beloved president was assassinated. Abraham Lincoln could no longer see the pride and joy the nation felt thanks to his leadership. Hundreds of thousands of people were now left alone with no leader to guide them into the victorious night. Stepping out if his comfort zone Walt Whitman wrote “O Captain! My Captain!” in a traditional style, instead of his free verse poems. Sticking with an elegant rhyme scheme and specific use of diction, Mr. Whitman was able to empathizes how the nation was balancing their mixed feelings of losing one of their beloveds while, in-fact, celebrating their victory. Amanda thought that t. f pie was on
According to the article “Civil War Casualties”, the Civil War was America’s bloodiest conflict with an extremely high number of deaths and injuries on both sides. It all began when the northerners took a stand against the south to abolish slavery. Once the north began to retaliate, Southerners became infuriated, and began their fight to secede from the Union. Brothers fought against brother, neighbors against neighbors, innocent lives were taken…

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