Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' My Son ' Wind Wolf '

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“My son, Wind-Wolf, is not an empty glass coming into your class to be filled. He is a full basket coming into a different environment and society with something special to share”(Lake p. 75). These are the dying words of Robert Lake’s essay, An Indian Father’s Plea, regarding his son who was viewed as a slower learner by his teacher. This is one of the many scenarios people face everyday when dealing with one’s culture. The country people are born, the traditions people contain, and the new environments people encounter all contribute to the way people view others and the world.
Race and ethnicity have a large contribution to the way people are viewed and view the world. In Santha Rama Rau’s short story, By Any Other Name, the two sisters; Santha and Premila encounter multiple cultural conflicts at their new English school and have a unique way of overcoming them. Santha said that, “The children were all opening packages and sitting down to eat sandwiches. Premila and I were the only ones who had Indian food” (Santha Rama Rua,
p. 37). Since the sisters were the only ones to have Indian food; they felt like it was a need to have their mother make them sandwiches instead because the sandwiches would be simpler to handle. This relates to the claim because the two sisters disliked the fact that they were viewed differently because they didn’t have sandwiches to eat like the other kids; so they were influenced to bring sandwiches for lunch. A student named Erick Arcos can relate…

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