Analysis Of The Poem ' Music Lives ' By Taylor Tranberg Essay

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The lyric essay is a complex piece of literature to write and to read. Combining the facts of nonfiction and the art of poetry isn’t the easiest thing to understand. With facts being surrounded by figurative language, the reason the author is writing the lyric essay seems to get lost. The reader has to pick out the important parts of the quickly shifting topic to interpret the true message of the lyric essay. With all these elements considered, the essay “Music Lives” by Taylor Tranberg can indeed be called a lyric essay.
In Taylor Tranberg’s essay “Music Lives”, she illustrates the connection between music and all living things. Starting with the exploration of sound, both enjoyable and unpleasant. Then she drifts into a story about Blackbirds, followed by an scrutinize of the tiny birds’ lives. She then flows from Blackbirds to music in general by using a Beatles song lyric involving Blackbirds sung at a concert setting. The steady shifts in topic are necessary for lyric essays, and Tranberg did a remarkable job making the transitions seamless and logical. The essential part of a lyric essay is the combination of non-fiction and poetry. Flowing from facts to a story is exemplified in Tranberg’s essay. When describing the unlikable sounds that awoke her, she states “One thing I did find out is that bird whistles and dog barking do clash a lot and they make an unpleasant sound pattern.” (Tranberg 1). This is a personal story derived from her personal experiences. Hidden…

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