Analysis Of The Poem ' I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings ' Essay

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“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” explication The poem “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” tells us of a caged bird and how it longs for freedom. A bird in a cage can only do so much. He wants to explore and be like the free bird. So, the bird sings of a day when he is free. The author displays the difference between life and dreams. Angelou does this by going back and forth between the caged bird’s dreams and the harsh reality. The theme of this poem is how racism affects people, and the insecurities that follow. Stanza one has a positive connotation. It gives a more peaceful vibe. The peacefulness and tranquillity make the readers feel as they were in a dreamlike state. The author uses this connotation to show that the peace of the free bird is the caged bird’s desire and dream. Stanza two gives a more negative connotation and a dreary or scary vibe. Same goes for stanza three, there is also a scary, dark vibe. The author uses this negativity to show the depth of the situation of the caged bird. The poem is a lyrical poem and a narrative poem because the poem tells the story of the strong feelings of the caged bird. The poem is also a blank verse. The tone of the poem is very emotional, and dramatic. The author uses phrases such as “his bars of rage, ”fearful trill,” and “grave of dreams,” to emphasize the loneliness of the caged bird. The author also uses imagery. In stanza one, lines three, four, and five the author states, “of the wind and…

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