Analysis Of The Poem ' I Do Love Breasts ' Essay

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“I do love breasts.” he replied.
“Then why don’t you come and lick mine out. My nipples are aching for a good biting.” said Vickie as she got up and offered her tits to the two young men.
They both bent down towards her breasts and each man took one of them in their mouth and began suckling on her tits greedily.

“Oh my, you are indeed good tit lickers.” she said as she grabbed the young men by their hairs and forced them to squish her tits some more.
By the time they were done sucking Vickie’s massive tits they had precum juice spilling from their cocks.
“Oh my!” said Vickie as she rubbed the tip.
“You boys are all wet from excitement. What would you like to do to Baby.” asked Vickie with a very dirty and authoritative voice.
“I want to slide it in.” said James.

“I want to do the same.” replied the other.
“Oh, so you want to hump baby, is that it?” asked Vickie.
“Yes!” said both men.
Vickie giggled.
“Now that is what I am talking about.” she said as she backed off from the guys a little bit.
She began to unbutton her pants and pull them down. She finished removing her pants and turned her attention to her undies. She started to get them down but then turned around and continued to pull them down.
“Naughty boys, always thinking about pussy. How do you like your baby’s ass.” she asked.
Both men were jerking off and looking at Vickie’s delicious butt cheeks. They were amazing and perfect in every way which made the men even more excited.
Vickie finally finished pulling her…

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