Analysis Of The Poem ' I Became A Friend Of Susan Sontag ' Essay example

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My love of Joan Didion is lifelong and, like anyone does with heroes, always feels at such a distance. In fact, Didion was much closer to me than I could have imagined. For the last years of her life, I became a friend of Susan Sontag?s. I had known that Sontag was ?important? before I met her in 1989, but I had never read anything by her but her famous ?Notes on Camp,? which I confess bewildered me when I first read it as a teenager. After meeting her, I read ?On Photography? and realized that she was a genius. In conversation, she wasn?t always so inspiring. Who is? But I spent enough time with her and her partner, the photographer Annie Leibowitz, to admire her as a person as well as a writer. (When Susan died, she and Annie willed to me a pair of 1914 Corona typewriters, which had sat in her office on Varick in Lower Manhattan. They now sit in the family ?great room? in an antique bookcase, old unremarkable bookcases that were for some reason so meaningful to my grandmother that she hauled them with her on the boat from Sweden around the time Corona was manufacturing the typewriters that Susan and Annie gave to me. Susan knew Joan Didion very well. They were both graduates from Cal Berkely who fled the sunny sexism of their native California to seek fame and melancholy in New York at a pivotal time in both their and the city?s history. (There is a wonderful and delightfully gossipy profile of Didion and the pompous critic Pauline Kael with whom she had…

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