Analysis Of The Poem ' Home Burial ' Essay

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“Home Burial,” the title itself has a sad demeanor towards it. Frost, however, did an excellent job revealing the two kinds of grief in a collapsing marriage. The poem is a heated argument upon what grieving, or in this case, mourning is between a husband and wife over the death of their child. It is also about a wife’s insecurities and how she takes them out on her husband. The husband’s, whose name is unknown, composure over the death of his child is brief. He had his moment and moved on with life. From what I understood, he buried his child. He took the responsibility upon himself and no one else to bury his child, which makes me think he is a farmer. Why a farmer? Maybe because he took his spade and shoveled into the earth furiously expressing his grief that way, to then later place his child into the very hole he dug up. Male farmers are, supposedly in the olden lifestyles of a farm, the ones in charge of everything in order to make their loved ones have a better outlook on life. Unlike his wife, Amy, she is stuck in a time lapse where it seems like it is the same day her child was buried by her very husband. “With your own hand—how could you?—his little grave; I saw you from that very window there” (Frost p. 357, lines 76-77). Amy’s countenance is unchanged until the interaction with her husband began. From my perspective when a mother loses their child, especially if it is their first born, though it also depends on how fragile the woman is, there is a sense of…

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