Analysis Of The Poem ' Hiroshima And The Inheritance Of Trauma '

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Epigenetic Inheritance Of Traumatic Events
In the excerpt “Hiroshima and The Inheritance of Trauma” the author, Sarah Stillman, discusses the psychological effects of traumatizing events and how it can spread like a contagious disease. Stillman references the traumatic bombing of Hiroshima and how the detrimental trauma has affected the mother, Shoji, and the next generation, her daughter Minori. The relationship between Shoji’s experience of the bombing being translating to Minori is a valid statement because I myself can relate to families tragedies. I come from a Jewish background from my Mom’s side where my great grandfather was alive during world war II and witnessed the massacre event of the Holocaust. When I was younger he would share his hardships during the Holocaust with me and at the time I thought he was just sharing fictitious stories. Later on, when I started to comprehend what the holocaust truly was I realized how much that event had affected him and our family. Therefore, my family background can support and argue alongside Stillman that traumatizing events are detrimental and some trans-generational trauma can be spread to other offsprings like a disease. The inheritance of this traumatic knowledge has been spreading and affecting a multitude of generations including my personal family, and the community of Jewish people. Also, a researcher has published a study supporting that offsprings of holocaust survivors have different DNA material for stress.…

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