Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Harlem '

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Historical information about the Setting: Coming from a small town in the American South, the narrator moves to a Negros College after receiving a scholarship. After being expelled though, the narrator moves to the main city, Harlem in New York City. At the time, it was the major center of where African-American culture thrived and influenced many. The contrast between the North and South shown through the awe from the narrator showed the new sense of hope for the Black community. Harlem was a place where the African-American society owned up to a new and improved status or identity in society. Although Harlem was a place of prospect and prosperity for the black community, prejudice still lurked in the corners. With this ambiguous racial freedom that isn’t quite yet complete, Harlem signified the place of opportunity and learning. Plot Summary: The narrator begins telling his story with the claim that he is an “invisible man.” He says that because of his invisibility, he has been hiding from the world. As a young man the narrator lived in the South. He rewarded with a scholarship for great speaking skills. Three years later, the narrator is a student at the college and eventually expelled for following instructions. He is sent off, though, with hopes of coming back for the next term. The narrator travels to Harlem, where he looks unsuccessfully for work. The narrator ends up getting a low-paying job at the Liberty Paints plant and serves Lucius Brockway. Because Brockway…

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