Analysis Of The Poem ' Black Art ' Essay

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The outrage of an activist: Hurt betrayal, confusion and anger. Poetry is a kind of very difficult to interpret because everybody has different approach, understand, meaning and point of view. My next writer is an African American who poem is” Black Art” by Amiri Baraka “Black Art”. In the poem “ Black Art “, the poem is dedicated to African American to wake up and reverse the situation , by taking control over everything . The author is urged the audience to be conscious and unconscious about African-American. Amiri is saying I need to see all the hardworking of the African American not just word but reality, proof, demonstration, and action been taking. In addition, in this poem the author shows to the audience how he feels and the action need to be taking. Amiri Baraka was an American writer of poetry, plays, fiction and essays. He was a very important figure in the Black Arts Movement as well as the poetry, writer, teacher and political activist. . Furthermore this poem was written in 1966 , after the assassination of Malcolm X, that time all racial issues was going on that is what lead Baraka to write about such as aggressive poem. The poem, “Black Art “the title alone is a declaration of calling all the African American to the constitution of Black Power Movement. Are you a black here is your fellow brothers and sister you belong here not the white party. It is like calling out for all the African –American united we are one; we can do…

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