Analysis Of The Poem ' Bad Blood ' By Taylor Swift Essay

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Kendall: “Ok!! That was just your number one song of the month, “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift featuring everyone’s favorite, Kendrick Lamar. I hope you all enjoyed that song just as much as I did!! To be honest that song really has me wondering, do I have “Bad Blood” in my friend group? We are opening the lines in a few minutes to hear if the listeners have some “Bad Blood” in their life. Also up next on 99.56 the beat with your host, Kendall Galbreath, we have a very special guest. Our guest is a four time Pulitzer Prize winner, and arguably one of the best American poets to ever live; Robert Frost!! We aren’t actually sure how he got here since he died in1963, but we are not going to let up this opportunity. I hope every tunes in while I dig deep to really find out the really Robert Frost, and what makes him, him.”
*Receives calls about “Bad Blood”
Kendall: “Alright, those calls were a little bit too funny! I hope all of our callers can really cut out the bad blood they have in their life. I know all of you listeners out there are excited just as much as I am to have the man himself, Robert Frost live on 99.56 The Beat. I have to say Robert, you seem to have the looks and the poetic talent! Doing all that time in the ground actually seems to have made you look just as if you are in your twenties! You must have be having the time of your life out there with all those ladies wanting you, or is there Mrs. Frost out there?
Frost: “Actually *chuckles a little*, I am…

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