Analysis Of The Poem ' Ashbah ' By Brian Turner Essay

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In Brian Turner’s poem “Ashbah,” he focuses on the motif of ghosts, and uses it to describe the American soldiers that were victims of the war in Iraq. Turner describes both points of view of the war, the American soldiers and the Iraqi soldiers. The Americans and the Iraqi soldiers are not explained using the same voice. In fact the Americans are described as lower on the totem pole as and further away from home than the Iraqi’s. Therefore, Turner allows this poem to be read in different ways, by describing the opposing sides of the war occurring in Iraq. Turner starts this poem with an intriguing line, “The ghosts of American soldiers” (1). The word “ghosts” is referring to the American soldiers in Iraq. In “Ashbah,” the poem focuses on the motif of ghosts and compares them to what is left of the American soldiers that fought or are currently fighting in the war in Iraq. These “ghosts” of American soldiers are described as simply “wandering the streets of Balad by night” (2). They are far from home on a foreign landscape. In the next line it states that they are “unsure of their way home” (3). These soldiers are in Iraq fighting a war and they are far from home and they have no comfortable landmarks. The wind that is blowing throughout this poem is described, by the Americans, as a desert wind. In Iraq the temperatures, on average, are usually higher and more extreme than those in the United States. The American soldiers are not used to this high of temperatures resulting…

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